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SAS watchout page

Should I update SAS with SAS 10.0?

Definitively YES. While in the normal case newer calibration files can be used by former SAS versions, there is a problem with SAS 9.0. The calibration files needed for a proper RGS contamination effect correction (RGS[1][2]_EFFAREACORR_0006.CCF) contain a large number of epochs for coping with the temporal variation of the contamination, while SAS 9 was (by mistake) limited to work with 4 epochs by this correction. As a result the only way to keep properly working with SAS 9 is avoiding a CCF calibration update. This can have as consequence a miscalibration of RGS data, especially the one corresponding to the last 2 years. Due to a possible mismatch between SAS version and calibration files (most of you update the CCF automatically through rsync) we will delay the release of the RGS[1][2]_EFFAREACORR_0006.CCF calibration files for a week after the SAS 10 release.
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This page was last updated on 12 December, 2013.