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SAS News

XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software

Current version : 14.0.0Release date:10th November 2014

The Science Analysis Software (SAS) is an extensive suite of software tasks developed to process the data collected by the XMM-Newton Observatory. The SAS is released periodically. With each release, new software developments and bug fixes are included with the aim to improve the processing of XMM-Newton data.

Before you start surfing through them, you may want to have a look at a very concise SAS description.


  • [29/06/2015] A "leap second" will be added on June 30 at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), therefore a SAS alignment taking this into account has become necessary. If your data analysis depends on absolute times, please make sure that you download and install the corresponding patch: Patch utils-1.130.1 including new leapsec.dat is available here ready for download and inclusion into an existing SAS 14.0.0 installation. A short "Readme" file with instructions on how to do this is also provided at the given ftp address.

  • [13/11/2014] IMPORTANT NOTE: The epchain perl script included in SAS 14.0.0 contained an error that has been fixed now. All SAS 14.0.0 tar balls downloaded before 11:45 hrs of Thursday 13th November 2014 included the buggy script. Therefore, please make sure you download SAS again if you did so before the mentioned date and would like to have the correct epchain.

  • [10/11/2014] SAS 14.0.0 binaries released - Find here the corresponding release notes
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