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SAS Inverse Index


The SAS Inverse Index has been designed to provide the list of SAS tasks needed to be executed in order to perform a given scientific analysis job, like for example, the extraction of the spectra for a point-like source. For simplicity, the SAS Inverse Index has been divided into a Data Processing and Data Analysis phase. In order to start the Data Analysis phase, the Data Processing phase of the data must be completed.

The table below contains links to the Data Processing and Data Analysis phases of the data reduction process. Also, tools useful for Calibration purposes have been collected.
These tables contain several interactive features that have been tested on the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Windows Internet Explorer.

Data Processing

Data preparation, obtain calibrated event lists, event list filtering and diagnostics, derivation of optimized extraction regions Table

Data Analysis

Create and display images, production of spectra and light curves for point-like sources, source detection algorithms, slew processing, analysis of extended sources, OM photometry and magnitudes Table


Access the calibration database Table

Any kind of suggestion, problem or general question regarding the SAS Inverse Index can be reported by contacting the XMM-Newton HelpDesk at:

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