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SAS download

Which SAS should I take?

The Tables below show all the binaries being distributed for SAS 13.5.0. All have been built with GNU C/C++ 4.3.3 and NAG Fortran 5.2, on Intel processors.

All installations of the SAS are binary. The whole source code of the SAS 13.5.0 can be downloaded for reference (xmmsas_20131209_1901-13.5.0-common-src.tar.gz) but we do not provide support on building it.

Before downloading a given binary, please consider the following guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate for your system:

  • Although you can run a SAS built on 32-bit on a system running a 64-bit kernel, this is a misuse and we strongly discourage it. If you have a Linux 64-bit system, please download and install a SAS built on 64-bit.
  • In general, for a given Linux Operating System, please choose a SAS that was built in a system with versions of the kernel and C library (libc), the closest to those of your system, regardless of its name being Red Hat, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora or any other.
  • On Mac OS X, we only distribute SAS built on Intel 64-bit for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. For those of you who can only run the 32-bit kernel of Snow Leopard, you still can install and run the 64-bit SAS built on Snow Leopard 64-bit.


To download the SAS of your choice, please click on the links provided in the column "File to download" on the Tables below. Just before you are directed to our ftp server to get the selected file, you will be requested to fill in a short questionaire that will help us to make up valuable statistics on current and future needs about SAS.

Linux 32-bit (x86)

Build onKernel versionlibc versionFile to download
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS3.2.02.15sas_13.5.0-Ubuntu12.04-32.tgz

Linux 64-bit (x86_64)

Build onKernel versionlibc versionFile to download
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS3.2.02.15sas_13.5.0-Ubuntu12.04-64.tgz

Mac OS X 64-bit (x86_64)

Build onKernel versionlibc versionFile to download
10.6.8 or Snow Leopard (Darwin 10.8.0)Darwin 10.8.0125.2.11sas_13.5.0-Darwin-10.8.0-64.tgz
10.7.5 or Lion (Darwin 11.4.2)Darwin 11.4.2159.1.0sas_13.5.0-Darwin-11.4.2-64.tgz
10.8.5 or Mountain Lion (Darwin 12.5.0)Darwin 12.5.0169.3.0sas_13.5.0-Darwin-12.5.0-64.tgz
10.9.0 or Mavericks (Darwin 13.0.0)Darwin 13.0.01197.1.1sas_13.5.0-Darwin-13.0.0-64.tgz

Virtual Machines for SAS 13.5.0 (VM4SAS13_5)

Assembled onFile to download
OpenSUSE 12.3 32-bitVM4SAS13_5-32.7z(3.52 GByte)
OpenSUSE 12.3 64-bitVM4SAS13_5-64.7z(3.72 GByte)

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This page was last updated on 19 May, 2014.