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XMM-Newton Users Group Meeting Presentations, 6-7 May 2008

The following presentations are available to download in PDF format.

Author Presentation Download Size
A. Parmar Overall Mission Status mission_status.pdf 1.6Mb
R. Munoz Instrument Operations instrument_operations.pdf 732Kb
N. Schartel Report of the Project Scientist science_report.pdf 9.1Mb
P. Rodriguez Mosaic Observing Mode mosaic_mode.pdf 4.8Mb
M. Ehle Background background_treatment.pdf 2.7Mb
M. Guainazzi EPIC Calibration Status epic_calib.pdf 1.0Mb
A. Pollock RGS Calibration Status rgs_calib.pdf 423Kb
R. Gonzalez Implementation of the RGS Multipointing Mode multipointing_mode.pdf 194Kb
A. Talavera OM Calibration Status om_calib.pdf 8.0Mb
M. Stuhlinger Cross-calibration Status cross_calib.pdf 4.9Mb
C. Gabriel SAS developments and future plans sas_status.pdf 3.0Mb
M. Watson SSC Status ssc_status.pdf 6.5Mb
M. Ehle Action items from last meeting action_items.pdf 339Kb
M. Pierre Outcome of the XXL meeting and ELP xxl_meeting.pdf 65Kb
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