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Welcome to the XMM-Newton Users Group

XMM-Newton Users Group

The XMM-Newton project scientist is assisted by an advisory body: "The XMM-Newton users group".

This group has been established following approval by ESA's Director of Science, and met for the first time on 6/7 March 2002 at the location of the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre in Villafranca del Castillo, Spain. A revised mission statement for the XMM-Newton Users Group was endorsed by the Astronomy Working Group (AWG) in its 145th meeting, ESTEC, 25th of October 2011, and approved by D/SRE 19th December 2011.

The XMM-Newton Users Group mission statement is available here.

The list of XMM-Newton Users Group members can be viewed here.

XMM-Newton Users Group Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Minutes Available Presentations
15 10-Apr-2014 Agenda     -  -
14 16-May-2013 Agenda     Minutes (pdf), Resolution (pdf) Presentations
13 19-Apr-2012 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
12 19-May-2011 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
11 12-May-2010 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
10 06-May-2009 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
9 06-May-2008 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
8 07-Jun-2007 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
(ext) 09-Jan-2007 Agenda     Resolution (pdf) Presentations
7 18-May-2006 Agenda     Minutes (pdf) Presentations
6 19-May-2005 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations
5 02-Jun-2004 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations
4 22-Sep-2003 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations
3 31-Mar-2003 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations
2 16-Sep-2002 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations
1 06-Mar-2002 Agenda     Minutes   ( postscript, pdf ) Presentations

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