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XMM SOC Technical Documents

You are now entering the technical documentation section of the SOC. We compile here all documents relevant to the "offline ground segment" of the XMM mission, i.e. those components of the XMM project pertaining to the handling of information received from the satellite and the characterisation of the onboard instruments.

For documents on the scientific aspects of the XMM mission, please refer to the XMM Users' Handbook and Building XMM - A Picture Gallery, which are located in the XMM User Support Section, reachable via the Homepage of this server.


The index of XMM SOC technical documents contains many documents which belong to different document categories. Because of the large number of documents, we split the technical documentation index into these categories, which are:

These contain the most important technical information. In addition, we list here

A glossary of many technical terms used within these documents is provided. For further information see also the proposed definitions for XMM operations.
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