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2006 XMM-Newton Workshop 2006 XMM-Newton Workshop

Due to a planned migration of the XMM-Newton SOC web portal, all SOC internet services (including ToO Alerts) will be unavailable Wednesday, 10 February from 10:00 to 13:00 (GMT).

"Variable and Broad Iron Lines around Black Holes"
ESAC, Madrid, Spain, 26th - 28th June 2006

The following conference related information is available:

Printed Proceedings

The refereed proceedings have been published in volume 327, issue 10(2006) of the Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notes (AN) and can be accessed from the ADS.

Online Presentations

All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. The electronic versions (if available) can be accessed in the format provided by the authors by clicking on the titles.



Variable and Broad Iron Lines around Black Holes
N. Schartel
A Short Introduction to Broad and Variable Iron Lines around Black Holes
A.C. Fabian

Chapter 1: Understanding the innermost flows around Black Holes

General Relativity effects and line emission
G. Matt
Power spectra from `spotted' accretion discs
T. Pechácek, M. Dovciak, V. Karas

Chapter 2: X-ray reflection and spectral variability

Theoretical aspects of relativistic spectral features
V. Karas
Light bending models in AGNs
G. Miniutti
Magnetic flares in Active Galactic Nuclei: Modeling the iron Kα-line
R.W. Goosmann, B. Czerny, M. Mouchet, V. Karas, M. Dovciak, G. Ponti, A. Rózanska, A.-M. Dumont
Amplification and variability of the AGN X-ray emission due to microlensing
L.C. Popovic, P. Jovanovic, T. Petrovic, V.N. Shalyapin
Models for the X-ray spectra and variability of luminous accreting black holes
J. Malzac, A. Merloni, T. Suebsuwong
On the excitation of the Fe Kα line in AGNs by the impact of beams of highly relativistic electrons on the disk
A.I. Gómez de Castro, A. Antonicci
X-ray spectra and polarization from accreting black holes: Polarization from an orbiting spot
M. Dovciak, V. Karas, G. Matt

Chapter 3: Broad iron lines and reflection in Black Hole Candidates

A Short Review of Relativistic Iron Lines from Stellar-Mass Black Holes
J. M. Miller
XMM-Newton detection of relativistic Fe emission in the X-ray spectrum of SAX J1711.6-3808
C. Sánchez-Fernández, M. Santos-Lleó, J.J.M. in't Zand, R. González-Riestra, B. Altieri, R. Saxton, A.J. Castro-Tirado
Relativistic Fe line emission and highly photoionized absorption in GRO J1655-40
M. Díaz Trigo, A. Parmar, J. Miller, E. Kuulkers

Chapter 4: Variable shifted lines

Relativistic blue- and red-shifted absorption lines in AGNs
M. Cappi
Search for narrow energy-shifted lines in AGN spectra in the XMM-Newton archive
A.L. Longinotti, S. Bianchi, M. Guainazzi, J. Roa, M. Santos-Lleo
The Onset of General Relativity: Gravitationally Redshifted Emission Lines
A. Müller
Variability of the Fe K line relativistic component in a sample of Seyfert 1 galaxies
B. De Marco, M. Cappi, M. Dadina, G.G.C. Palumbo

Chapter 5: Broad iron lines and reflection in AGN

Statistics of relativistically broadened Fe Kα lines in AGN
M. Guainazzi, S. Bianchi, M. Dovciak
An XMM-Newton survey of broad iron lines in AGN
K. Nandra, P.M. O'Neill, I.M. George, J.N. Reeves, T.J. Turner
The origin of the strong soft excess and puzzling iron line complex in Mkn 841
P.O. Petrucci, G. Ponti, G. Matt, L. Maraschi, J. Malzac, M. Mouchet, C. Boisson, A. Longinotti, K. Nandra, P. Ferrando, G. Henri
Fourier-Resolved Spectroscopy of AGN using XMM-Newton data
I.E. Papadakis, Z. Ioannou, D. Kazanas
An ionized disc reflection component for the X-ray spectrum of NGC 4051 and IRAS13224-3809?
G. Ponti, G. Miniutti, A.C. Fabian, M. Cappi, G.G.C. Palumbo
Relativistic Fe Kα features in the XMM-Newton spectrum of the intermediate Seyfert galaxy 4U 1344-60
E. Jiménez-Bailón, E. Piconcelli, M. Sánchez-Portal, M. Guainazzi, A. Martocchia, M. Motch, A. Schroder, S. Bianchi, G. Matt
Discovery of a Double Peaked Fe Emission Line in the Cloverleaf Quasar H1413+117
G. Chartas, M. Eracleous, X. Dai, E. Agol, S. Gallagher
The iron emission line complex of MCG-5-23-16: the long XMM-Newton look
V. Braito, J.N. Reeves, G. Dewangan, I. George, R. Griffiths, A. Markowitz, K. Nandra, D. Porquet, A. Ptak, T.J. Turner, T. Yaqoob, K. Weaver
Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s with high-energy sharp spectral drops: Refection- versus absorption models
Th. Boller
Connection between spectral complexity and X-ray weakness - testing the reflection interpretation
L.C. Gallo
Suzaku Observations of Iron Lines and Reflection in AGN
J.N. Reeves, A.C. Fabian, J. Kataoka, H. Kunieda, A. Markowitz, G. Miniutti, T. Okajima, P. Serlemitsos, T. Takahashi, Y. Terashima, T. Yaqoob
Suzaku Observation of NGC 3516 - Complex Absorption and the Broad and Narrow Fe K Lines A. Markowitz, J.N. Reeves, P. Serlemitsos, T. Yaqoob, H. Awaki, A. Fabian, L. Gallo, R.E. Griffiths, H. Kunieda, G. Miniutti, R. Mushotzky, T. Okajima
XMM-Newton monitoring observations of Mrk3
A. Akylas, I. Georgantopoulos, K. Nandra
Automated spectral and timing analysis of AGNs
F. Munz, V. Karas, M. Guainazzi

Summary and Outlook

The Broad Iron Line Physics: Summary and Outlook
Y. Tanaka

Invited Speakers

T. Boller (MPE Germany)
M. Cappi (INAF/IASF-BO, Italy)
A. Fabian (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK)
M. Guainazzi (European Space Astronomy Center, ESA)
V. Karas (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
G. Matt (Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy)
J. Miller (University of Michigan, USA)
G. Miniutti (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK)
I. Papadakis (University of Crete, Greece)
J. Reeves (NASA/GSFC and Johns Hopkins University, USA)
J. Turner (NASA/GSFC, USA)
Y. Tanaka (MPE Germany)

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

A. Fabian (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK) (Chair)
N. Schartel (ESAC, Spain) (Co-Chair)
S. Bianchi (ESAC, Spain)
T. Boller (MPE Germany)
G. Matt (Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy)
J. Miller (University of Michigan, USA)
K. Nandra (Imperial College London, UK)
D. Porquet (MPE Germany)
C. Reynolds (University of Maryland, USA)
Y. Tanaka (MPE Germany)
J. Turner (NASA/GSFC, USA)

ESAC Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

M. Ehle, M. Arpizou, M. Diaz Trigo, M. Guainazzi, P. Kretschmar, N. Loiseau, L. Metcalfe

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