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M 101 Combined X-Ray and Optical Image

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of Rosemary Willatt (ESAC) and ESA. (for details, see Conditions of Use).

The image above can be displayed at full size and may be downloaded by clicking the image above.

About this Image

The image shows an XMM-Newton EPIC image (colour) overlayed onto an optical Digitised Sky Survey image of the spiral galaxy M101 (greyscale). The XMM-Newton image comprises data from the MOS and pn cameras, and is false coloured as follows: low energy (0.2-1.0 keV) photons are shown in red, medium energy (1.0-2.0 keV) in green, and high energy (2.0-12 keV) in blue. The Digitised Sky Survey image of the galaxy was taken in the blue optical band and has been displayed in inverted greyscale (areas of emission are seen as black against a white background) so that the X-ray image can be seen through it.
The combined image shows correpondence in the spiral arms between X-ray and optical emission. The nucleus is also clearly seen in the X-ray particularly the circumnuclear region in the low energy emission.

Investigator(s):  M. Watson and K. Kuntz

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