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The X-ray Halo of NGC 4634

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of R. Tuellmann, AIRUB, Germany and ESA. (for details, see Conditions of Use).

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About this Image

This three colour XMM-Newton image of NGC 4634 was created from merged EPIC pn and MOS images. Red, green, and blue represent emission in the (0.2-1.0) keV, (1.0-2.0) keV, and (2.0-4.5) keV energy bands, respectively. The ellipse indicates the outer border of the Halpha emitting disk. Besides NGC 891, NGC 4634 is the second non-starburst late type spiral galaxy with a prominent diffuse soft X-ray halo. In addition to a hot corona, this galaxy also possesses a cosmic ray and a diffuse ionized gas halo. There are strong indications that these multi-phase gaseous halos are triggered by star formation related processes in the disk plane. The images have been smoothed using a gaussian filter with a FWHM of 30 arcsec. All results are published in a preprint by R. Tuellmann et al. (2005, astro-ph/0510079).

Investigator(s):  R. Tuellmann, W. Pietsch, J. Rossa, D. Breitschwerdt, R.-J. Dettmar

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