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M31 EPIC mosaic

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of H. Stiele & W. Pietsch, MPE Garching and ESA. (for details, see Conditions of Use).

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About this Image

Mosaic of EPIC pn and MOS pointings covering M31: All medium (+thin) filter pn and MOS observations, obtained in the period Jun 2000 to Feb 2008, with low background have been merged. The color coding is such that red displays X-ray photons received in the energy band 0.2-1 keV, green in the 1-2 keV band and blue in the 2-12 keV band. Images have been smoothed with a Gaussian of FWHM of 20 arcsec. The image scale and the optical D25 ellipse of M31 are marked. Shown in detail to the upper right is a factor three zoom-in to the bulge area using images binned to 1 arcsec and smoothed with a Gaussian FWHM of 5 arcsec corresponding to the point-spread function in the center of the field of view.

A detailed description of the XMM-Newton EPIC mosaic of M31 is included in the PhD thesis of H. Stiele (LMU, Munich) and has been submitted as a paper to A&A (Stiele et al.)

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