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Radio-galaxy/hot-gas interactions in 3C 66B

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of J.H. Croston (University of Bristol, UK) and ESA. (for details, see Conditions of Use).

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About this Image

X-ray image of the hot-gas environment of the radio galaxy 3C 66B, with radio contours superimposed to show the striking relationship between the radio and X-ray structure. There are 'holes' in the X-ray surface brightness at the positions of the radio lobes, and there is a bright, hot blob of gas at the end of the eastern jet which appears to have slowed jet expansion, causing a sharp edge to the lobe, with some material escaping round the south of the obstacle. The radio map is taken from Hardcastle et al. (1996). The bright object in the top-right corner is the BL Lac object 3C 66A, and the object in the bottem-left corner is a distance cluster; neither of these are associated with the radio galaxy.

Investigator(s):  Croston, Hardcastle, Birkinshaw and Worrall

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