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Kepler's supernova remnant

Minimum credit line: Image courtesy of Marco Iacobelli and ESA. (for details, see Conditions of Use).

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About this Image

This composite X-ray portrait shows Kepler's supernova remnant obtained with the XMM-Newton EPIC cameras. The young remnant is the result of a recent stellar explosion and its luminosity and spatial features in X-rays are due to the interaction of the ejecta with the ambient medium.
The close-up view of this object reveals two main features: 1) a shell-type shape with an inner structured morphology plus a faint blue rim (due to a forward shock), and 2) a strongly asymmetric brightness distribution in X-rays, the remnant being brighter in the north and north west part.
The three upper single band images are ordered views (from the left - softer - to the right - harder) highlighting the shell structure; indeed the X-ray emission depics the complex inner morphology, due to the hot shocked plasma propagation. Details of the spectral and spatial analysis in this SNR are given in Cassam-Chenai et al. (2004).
The RGB image is colour coded as: red=0.3-1 keV, green=1-2 keV, blue=2-8 keV.

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