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XMM-Newton Fourteenth Announcement of Opportunity (AO-14)
Anticipated Timeline

The Fourteenth Announcement of Opportunity (AO-14) is not yet open

The planned key milestones for the fourteenth XMM-Newton "Announcement of Opportunity" have been established. Within this AO-14 a new call to submit proposals for observations to be performed with the XMM-Newton observatory will be issued.

To be prepared for this, please find below the anticipated timeline:

The planned key milestones for AO-14 are:
 Announcement of Opportunity26 August 2014
 Due date for Proposals10 October 2014 (12:00 UT)
 Final OTAC approved programmemid December 2014
For approved proposals only:
 Start of phase II proposal submission13 January 2015
 Closure of phase II proposal submission6 February 2015
 Start of AO-14 observationsMay 2015

The official "Announcement of Opportunity" will be made public in the XMM-Newton News and on the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre Home Page.

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This page was last updated on 9 January, 2014.