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Abstracts of Accepted Proposals in AO-9

Following the recommendation of the XMM-Newton Users Group (Minutes of User Group Meeting 2, 16/17 September 2002, Action 2002-09-17/06) the abstracts for accepted proposals are made public from AO-3 onwards.

The accepted proposals are available in two lists:

Sorted numerically by Observation Id Online List Download ASCII List
Sorted by Coordinates (RA/DEC) Online List Download ASCII List

The abstracts for an AO-9 proposal may be viewed by entering the PropId here:

Alternatively, a tar.gz archive of all the abstracts, in ASCII format, may be downloaded.

The time distribution among science categories can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format.

The ASCII text files are in "gzip" format to reduce download time. It may be necessary to "right click" on the links above to download and save them to your system, this will depend on your browser setup.

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