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6th XMM-Newton SAS Workshop Presentations

The following presentations are available for download in PDF format.

Tuesday, 30th May 2006
Presented by Size Download available
N.Schartel 4.3 Mb  The XMM-Newton project: a scientific-oriented overview
M.Guainazzi 0.6 Mb  The XMM-Newton data and the SAS grand-scheme
C.Gabriel 0.3 Mb  The CCF concept, cifbuild and calview
M.Kirsch 2.7 Mb  EPIC: introduction and calibration status
M.Kirsch 0.3 Mb  e[mp]proc
M.Ehle 1.3 Mb  Event lists manipulation and screening
M.Ehle 2.5 Mb  EPIC scientific product extraction
R.Saxton 0.7 Mb  EPIC Detector Matrices
E.Ojero 4.3 Mb  Introduction to Hands-on sessions
Wednesday, 31st May 2006
Presented by Size Download available
A.Pollock 1.2 Mb  RGS: introduction and calibration status
R.Gonzalez-Riestra 2.6 Mb  RGS data reduction and analysis of point-like sources
A.Talavera 1.9 Mb  OM: introduction and calibration status
A.Talavera 1.9 Mb  OM data reduction using SAS
Thursday, 1st June 2006
Presented by Size Download available
M.Guainazzi 1.1 Mb  What the PPS products can do for you
R.Saxton 0.9 Mb  The 1XMM EPIC Source catalogue
M.Kirsch 0.6 Mb  Timing analysis with XMM-Newton
N.Schartel 0.7 Mb  Spectral analysis and statistics
M.Ehle 1.6 Mb  EPIC: Analysis of extended sources
C.Gabriel 0.6 Mb  EPIC Source Detection

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